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User experience is critical to successful virtual businesses. If a client does not feel assisted or does not find the website accessible, they will be deterred from using a service or buying a product. Customer service is imperative, and many businesses struggle to balance the cost of 24/7 customer support with replying to customer questions in a timely manner.

What makes our service unique is that it has a machine-learning component that uses customer input to alter responses to produce the most user-friendly responses that lead to client satisfaction and increase in sales.

languages-1 languages-2 Our tool is offered in English,traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

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In other chat box softwares, answers to questions are not optimally presented, and user experience suffers. Our messenger service mitigates this issue by generating a hyperlink to relevant information about the client's request or question, to provide them detailed information.


We understand the messenger box may be too small for people to read additional detailed information. With this in mind, we have developed a button for the client and service provider to expand the messenger to full page so it will be easier for clients and service providers can read them even on smaller screens.


In the future, we will embed a voice recognition feature for the client to describe their request or question, and provide disability accommodations that allow the chat box to speak the responses out to the client.