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A website built by the Helppo team offers an easy-to-use scheduling feature to allow clients to manage their timetable professionally and efficiently.

This time-saving feature eliminates the need to message back and forth to find mutual availability so that you can focus on your work!

In the scheduling section of your customized website, the user will be prompted to select their availability, block off their unavailable hours, and customize booking settings to create distinct calendars and availability for different clients and client needs. Potential clients can then book directly from this schedule and instantly receive an email confirming their appointment details. This calendar feature can also be synchronized with Google Calendar.

Helppo video conference call and timer

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On Helppo, we offer an interactive video call software with screen sharing, audio, video, chat, collaborative spreadsheets, text-editing, and online whiteboard features. The video calling service can be easily customized to facilitate classes, training, or any other business meeting you might need to host. Unlike most video conferencing systems on the market, our video calling features allow for seamless continuation of workflow with document autosaving.

Auto payment management for private tutoring and consulting businesses Our online lesson/meeting environment is embedded with a timer to facilitate invoicing and billing. It can charge clients at the end of each session based on the number of minutes they have spent connected. Theres no need to send invoices back and forth between clients, so businesses can save time and energy and focus on their work while we take care of handling the money. Payment methods are also integrated to allow clients to pay for a session using a credit card (supported by Stripe), Paypal, or WeChat pay.

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Multi Languages front end

Although English is currently the worlds lingua franca, any business has the opportunity to work with multilingual clients from all over the world. Setting us apart from the competition, Helppo offers front end systems in multiple languages under the same domain for easy code and database management.

How does it work? Users can login to their dashboard and see the line-by-line comparison language table. Users will be able to add additional languages by creating a new database table on the dashboard. After the page is fully translated, clients can press the publish button and after a short processing time the multilingual website will be live!


At present, on Helppos platform, our messenger functions to answer preliminary inquiries about our services, such as cost, scheduling, tutoring subjects, and other basic information. Currently, this feature is available to be customized to fit the needs of our SaaS clients. When developing Helppo, we saw how necessary an instant messaging feature was and found the highest client retention when we integrated automated responses and direction. We see the utility of this feature for clients beyond tutoring companies.

In any service-based online business, if a client does not feel assisted or does not find the website accessible, they will be deterred from using a service or buying a product. Many businesses struggle to balance the cost of 24/7 customer support with replying to customer questions in a timely manner.


In other chat box softwares, answers to questions are not optimally presented, and user experience suffers. Our messenger service mitigates this issue by generating a hyperlink to relevant information about the client's request or question, to provide them detailed information.


Our direct messaging tool allows businesses to provide instant answers to commonly asked questions. Businesses and service providers can input commonly asked questions and answers, as well as map the user flow of logical questions and their respective answers. Once the questions and answers are published, potential clients can click on a question and get a response instantly on the Helppo messenger.


After that, businesses can input a list of follow-up questions coupled with a call to action button to prompt clients to either make an appointment or contact customer service. Potential clients can always communicate with a real person if they are available or if the staff is away from the desk, they can leave questions and contact information so the staff can get back to them as soon as possible.


Community announcement and messaging feature Consulting firms or other service-based companies can also utilize this Helppo SaaS feature, as intracompany support and collaboration can also be achieved using this function. If coworkers need urgent help with their tasks, they can ask for help using this feature as an internal community announcement tool in place of sending a long text or an email that does not have all of the necessary attachments and documents needed for task completion.


Database management system. Helppos team can help you create databases to fit your business needs. You can either choose to work with our team to develop a customized database or use our existing codebase and database if your company is a good match with Helppo. Our team will schedule a work session to get to know your company and create a custom database for your business. Alternatively, if you are also running an education company, we could utilize our code bases and database to then modify it, which is a more cost effective way to build a web application.

This database searching and filtering feature can be a helpful feature for consulting businesses especially educational institutions so that current or prospective students can choose the best route towards taking the required classes for their majors. Furthermore, educators could showcase their course offerings on their frontend website to attract potential students to enroll to their educational institutions.


Content Management System For any businesses large or small, it is essential to have a highly optomize website for on page and off page SEO. Businesses need to describe their service offerings, price points and what makes them different to promote their services. Furthermore, businesses should always update their blogs on their website frequently for SEO purposes. With Helppos own CMS system and combining with our mutilanuage user interface feature, you can do all of that under one roof!

Helppos learning management system/ new client onboarding process takes form. Helppos learning management system is able to serve a wide variety of functionality needs for online tutoring companies and training and education businesses. This feature can alleviate the need to manually grade assessments or manually input data and can be used as a client onboarding tool to intake important client information or train new employees. Our learning management system is designed to reduce educators and administrators workloads.
Currently, on the Helppo online tutoring platform, our learning management system includes features such as simple multiple-choice questions, auto-grading with explanations provided by the educators, and embedded pre-recorded videos from YouTube.

Moving forward
After the beta phase has concluded, teachers will receive detailed data analytics of the types of questions or concepts with which students struggle the most, which they can leverage to further improve the focus of the curriculum they teach. Furthermore, deadline features for teachers to keep track of which students have been submitting their homework on time will allow teachers to inspect student progress at a glance. Website administrators can easily change viewing permissions for certain curriculums or assessments to instantly adjust the pace of an online program. Freelancers can utilize this feature by adjusting viewing permissions to allow access after payment for services.