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Allison Ri. (Free 5 minutes Trial)
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About Allison
Hello! My name is Allison, and I am passionate about critical thinking! I love coaching and teaching debate because it allows young people to develop the speaking, critical thinking, organization, and research skills needed to succeed as leaders in today's world. I was a debate coach for two years at Ekzarh Yossif I Foreign Language High School in Lovech, Bulgaria. I also volunteered as the Policy Coordinator for the Bulgarian English Speech and Debate Tournament (BEST) Foundation during my second year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. My experience as a writing coach in university coupled with my debate experience allows me to share English speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills all at once in my Introduction to Academic Debate class. For my English classes, I am also passionate about anything well-written and well-documented. I love to write well, research, document sources accurately, and help others learn these skills. I work with ages 6 to adult. I have experience tutoring in the following subjects: English language speaking, writing, reading, listening, conversation, and business; Formal debate preparation and competitions; IELTS; College essay writing (all subjects); Academic research and citations;
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Jamie Mead
I have been taking her critial thinking course for a few months now. During exams I was run out of points to write but now I am able to write complex compound sentences with well thought out arguments!
Jacky Hart
We learned about debate and then we participated in many debates to have skills to compete in school and competitions. I like how she gives us example questions and we research answers together. I did not know debate before and now I know!
Y Wong
Great critical thinking and debate teacher. I enjoyed learning about logical fallacy in class.
Shanwen Chan
I took the IELTS course with Ms. Allison. She is a knowledgable and encouraging English teacher. I am able to get a 7 for my IELTS exam thanks for her advice. Looking forward to keep taking lessons with her.