Do you enjoy playing music, but you aren’t planning on pursuing a career in music?

Have you wondered how music can help you with your university applications? Even if you aren’t planning on majoring in music, did you know you there is a huge variety of musical activities in university? Having a musical background can strengthen your university applications, even if you aren’t pursuing a degree in music. The following are methods to present your musical pursuits while maintaining your academic life in other areas.

harvard post-graduate school
Harvard Post-Graduate Program -- What You Need to Know

Harvard University is a home for all. To enhance your academic pursuit or seek advancement, a Master’s degree from Harvard University will be an excellent choice. Students from different races and tribes across the world have equal chances at Harvard Graduate School. Amazingly, the admission process is the same for both domestic and international students irrespective of the country they come from. As soon as the application process begins in September, all documents must be submitted on or before January.

What you should Know About Harvard Undergraduate Scholarship

If Harvard University was free, even a beggar's child would wish to attend. So many students aspire to attend Harvard, but unfortunately, not all can attend. To make the Harvard dream possible for all, Harvard University offers fully-funded scholarships for undergraduate students as financial aids. Since the university prides itself as the home for all, it walks the talk by ensuring that all aspirants across the world are given an equal trial to attend.

Securing Admission into Harvard University: The Important Roles of an Admission Consultant

If you know where you are going, your journey is short. If you know how to get there, your journey is shorter. If you have someone who has been there to teach you how to get there, your journey is shortest. If that person decides to take you there, you are already there! That is what my admission application to Harvard University with the help of an admission consultant was all about. An admission consultant is nothing less of a mentor and a guide.

My Admission Experience into Harvard University

Crimson is the color and excellence is the watchword. Harvard is not just the oldest private ivy league research university in the world. It is also a combination of prestige and trove. I was privileged to stay in one of the three campuses at Harvard University. Cambridge campus specifically. The Allston campus has many athletic facilities and it also houses the Harvard Stadium and the Science and Engineering Complex. Longwood Campus houses the School of Public Health.

Securing Admission Into Harvard -- The Importance of a Well-Constructed Personal Essay

Do you know that the rate of acceptance of Harvard admission has nosedived geometrically in recent years? During my first trial of seeking admission at Harvard University, I was not sure whether my application would be considered even though my SAT score was excellent. Little did I know that my chance of being considered for admission was slim. The reason was obvious that my personal admission essay was not good enough.

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  What's App You can find a tutor below, or send us a what's app message to our customer support. Or contact us by phone
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