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Getting into McGill, one of Canada’s most prestigious universities

McGill University is a respected school with a notable reputation for research and academic excellence not only within Canada but also worldwide. The best college admissions consultants agree that getting into McGill is very competitive. As a Canadian high school student, I had already decided McGill University, located in the French-speaking province of Quebec, was my top choice.

Stanford university
How My College Application Essay Got Me into Stanford

The college application essay: it’s probably the #1 biggest hurdle facing a high schooler applying to college. At least, it was for me. I wrote and rewrote my essay fifty times over, adding and then deleting whole paragraphs as often as I changed clothes. Every day it felt like I was approaching a different beast… and I didn’t even have a college admissions consultant to help me!

Princton university

I enjoyed high school, but college life was amazing. After graduating from high school in Philadelphia, I decided that I had to get into Princeton. I found myself the best US and UK college admission consultants to perfect my admission process. Princeton is highly competitive, but don't let that discourage you; you can make it into Princeton as I did. There are lots of US college admission consultants to guide you through the process.

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McGill's Attracts International Students

Among Canada’s top universities, McGill is an attractive option for international students. When I went to McGill, I had friends from all over the world, including a few from Hong Kong. Located in Montreal, here are the reasons why McGill is a top choice for international students.

University California San Diego
Getting Into UC San Diego

Being never entirely exposed to English-learning environment before, I knew moving to the United States for high school was a tough decision. During my freshman year of high school, I was lucky enough to meet my Biology teacher. She was so patient that she would help me overcome any possible problem I have, including language, culture and Biology concepts. She had such strong influence on me that I became passionate about delving more into the field of Biochemistry.

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A misguided approach to appying to college

In 2009 I applied to college, going through the same passes as every one of my classmates – in a small, private school of some forty seniors. We went to our school’s college admissions counsellor. We reviewed the stack of leaflets that – mostly – our parents had gathered for us. And we made our decisions – and even structured our applications – based on all the wrong factors.

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