Choosing Between Your Dream Schools


As the acceptance letters started coming around March of my high school senior year, my anxiety was replaced with excitement. I was privileged to have a few universities to choose from. When I was applying, I had one dream school - the University of Notre Dame. Coming from a tropical country, I imagined wearing knee high boots and coats in the winter of the Midwest. I was also fascinated by the campus architecture - halls with high ceilings and greenery that seemed to extend endlessly. Notre Dame was also ranked well, consistently within top 20. I knew it was famous for its football and for its focus on religion. I attended college representative sessions and gathered all the brochures I can.

Choosing Dream Schools

Then the letter came - I was in. I was thrilled at the prospect of attending my dream school. However, I had a dilemma. Against all my expectations, I also got accepted into UC Berkeley. I did not really imagine myself there - it was in the West Coast and my high school guidance counselor told me that it was a “reach”. However, it was only an additional tick of the box in the UC application system. So there I was, faced with the best possible dilemma there is. Here were a few considerations that led me to decide which school to attend.

Consider their Curriculum in Your Chosen Program

University of Notre Dame had a five year architecture program versus UC Berkeley’s four year track. Notre Dame’s architecture program had a year in Florence but given that I was already an international student, that did not really appeal to me. Berkeley’s program allowed for more electives which I appreciated as I wanted to explore more subjects.

Compare Your Scholarship Options

Unfortunately, I did not get a financial aid package from either school so this was not a factor for me. But it is important to consider that it is wise to go for the school that would give you a hefty financial package.

Think About Where You Want to Live

While it might not seem relevant, the climate of a place can make a difference in your college experience. I was drawn to the vibrant Bay Area life over Indiana, which felt quite remote. Furthermore, I had relatives near Berkeley, which also became a factor for my decision.

Try To Talk To A Current Student If You Can

I had the privilege of being able to visit both schools before I had to make a decision. In Notre Dame, I paired up with a girl from my hometown who gave me a tour of the campus. Everyone was very hospitable and the campus was beautiful. I had a meal at the hall which looked like a scene from Harry Potter. In Berkeley, I joined a campus tour and was amused at the Nobel Prize reserved parking slots.

At the end, I chose UC Berkeley because of its 4-year program and reputation in Asia. While Notre Dame was an amazing university, after visiting both, I felt that Berkeley would have been a better fit for me (and was a direct flight away from home!). Interestingly, I eventually met someone who was choosing between UC Berkeley and Notre Dame as well. He went for the latter and enjoyed his experience just as much. At the end, choosing a university is all about the fit. While it’s tempting to gravitate towards rankings and reputation - and I understand completely - you should attend one where you can leverage your skills and flourish not only academically but socially and emotionally as well.

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