How My College Application Essay Got Me into Stanford


The college application essay: it’s probably the #1 biggest hurdle facing a high schooler applying to college. At least, it was for me. I wrote and rewrote my essay fifty times over, adding and then deleting whole paragraphs as often as I changed clothes. Every day it felt like I was approaching a different beast… and I didn’t even have a college admissions consultant to help me!

Stanford university

How I tacked the college application essay

What I ended up with was more of a story than an essay. It was the story of how I taught myself to code. I taught myself to code computer games – mostly because I liked to play things like Super Mario Bros. and I wanted to design my own levels. But I told it like a story. I explained how I took the task in front of me, and broke it down. I conquered small parts. I made many side projects that also cotributed to my knowledge of coding – before I designed my capstone project: my own version of The Legend of Zelda.

I got lucky; I did what a college admissions consultant would have recommended.

It worked. I got into Stanford. (Though not Princeton or Yale; a college admissions consulting service could have really helped me refine it!) What I did correctly was to focus on a small, personal achievement, and explain in the essay how it made me the person that I am today. I taught the admissions counsellor reading y essay something that they wouldn’t have known otherwise. This is one of the top tips for writing a great college application essay.

So, in short, I got pretty lucky. Even without professional help, I did what a professional tutoring service would have recommended!

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Was my college admissions experience the norm?

When I was in Stanford, I met some great friends – many of them international students from all over the world. And I learned, in a conversation I had with a friend from Hong Kong, that other students’ experiences with applying to Stanford were quite different from mine. She took advantage of academic tutoring – which she got online, from an online 24/7 tutoring platform designed for students from Hong Kong. In short, she took advantage of all of the services – such as online professional tutoring services in Hong Kong – that my family hadn’t even known about!

I had a lot of things going for me. I was a native English speaker, unlike my friend, who needed help from a native English-speaking tutor in Hong Kong. I had worked on my own, self-directed projects – without even knowing, as an admissions consultant would have told me, that this shows leadership. But I hadn’t used professional services, and I’d gotten into Stanford only – which was my parents’ alma mater. My friend, who’d used a private English tutor and admissions consultant in Hong Kong, told me that she’d picked Stanford over Harvard and Yale.

Do you really need a college admissions consultant?

I got into zero Ivy League schools. (Stanford isn’t an “Ivy”.) My friend, who used professional tutoring services in Hong Kong, got into two. I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to say that her method was better.

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