Helppo Tutoring Services in Hong Kong || What You should Know


Are you a private candidate for an examination in Hong Kong? Are you planning to pursue or further study in Hong Kong?

Helppo was founded in Colorado in the United States of America in 2016. We offer in-depth tutoring service in English such that our students can be assured of achieving excellent performance.


Our singular objective at Helppo is to assist our own students to be professional and proficient in the mastery of the English Language. In short, our students' success is our ultimate priority.

At Helppo, we combine top-notch admission consulting with tutoring services for both private and public students across Hong Kong and its environments.

Getting educational aids can be pretty difficult. We understand that it is not easy to find an affordable Native English Teacher in Hong Kong. Hence, we have a team of certified and friendly staff and tutors who are available and accessible to help, guide, and teach you. This means that our tutors are ever ready at all times to offer a quick response to our students' needs and questions.

Our tutors are exact in their teachings. They also bring clarity and simplicity while carrying out their various duties.

From the course materials to the scheme of work, the tutoring service at Helppo is of premium quality, coupled with trained, experienced, and internationally recognized tutors who handle the various courses.

The most outstanding feature about Helppo is that students can learn efficiently and effectively at any given time and place. It is not a location-based program. More so, the learning methodology adopted at Helppo makes learning easier and straightforward.

Do you know that a student can connect with a private tutor for consistent training? How we integrate convenience into our curriculum makes our teaching style impeccable.

Helppo doesn't just train students to accumulate knowledge, but to also apply all the knowledge gleaned from the tutoring sessions. At Helppo, we do not only teach, but we also mentor. Our past students have testified that our tutoring sessions are 99.9 percent interactive.

Even if you find the study of the English language very uninteresting, Helppo has a unique way of making learning fun. Even if you are nursing the decision to quit the study of the English language, at Helppo, you are most likely to have a rethink for a positive turnaround. That is, we also motivate our students to develop positive attitudes towards learning of English language.

Not only that, we help our students to build confidence and capacity in themselves. Our track records show demonstrated records of significant successes.

Although Helppo uses an exam-oriented approach, the course sessions and discussions can be very drilling and tasking. Consequently, making your learning journey to exceed your positive expectations.

Our online sessions are configured such that students can replay all learning sessions at their convenience.

At Helppo, we have unbeatable years of experience that makes our expertise unique and outstanding. Helppo offers an all-encompassing tutoring service. One of its kind in Hong Kong. Contact us today. A trial will convince you.