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Chelsea wolf

Master of English from the New school New York

Learning English is fun. With determination and these tips, anyone can improve his/her English.

Several steps to take to improve your skills:

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Get a Netflix account.
It can be difficult for students in Hong Kong to find a college-educated, native English speaking instructor for English. While students can still improve their reading and listening by watching movies or television shows on Pearl, Netflix has an enormous library of movies with English subtitles. Students can subscribe and learn English this way and have fun at the same time. Not only will one learn about American culture, one will also be improving one's English language skills. Of course, don't forget to bring along a notebook and write down new vocabulary. The effort taken in doing this will pay off in the long run; Sing along with your favorite English songs with the lyrics in front of you. learning new words in their most commonly used contexts makes the language-learning process more enjoyable and easier.

Use a thesaurus rather than a dictionary.
It can be tempting to resort to an English-to-Chinese dictionary when encountering difficulty vocabulary. However, when students build their skills with a thesaurus, they can learn many more words in a shorter time period. Thesauruses, which provide synonyms and context sentences, can be a great ally in honing your English language skills. Taken together with tip #3 below, students will become much closer to being fluent than other students who do not use these tactics.

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Practice makes Perfect!
Use every opportunity to practice your English with your peers and instructors. In general, students will find that messaging peers on social media, participating regularly and enthusiastically in class, and seeking out gatherings where only English is spoken, all will aid in the learning of the language and the overall enrichment of the student. Immersion is always the fastest and most effective way of learning a language. For anyone - not just the computer literate - the internet abounds with opportunities for learning English. One website in particular we encourage you to visit is Helppo, which I am part of. Every Thursday and Friday, the Helppo Team including myself will share experience we have accumulated over the years on the topics of Learning English, University Admission in the US, and exam tactics. This site can connect you with a numerous native English-speaking instructors. They are quite helpful to those students interested in learning about America or going to school in the United States.