McGill's Attracts International Students




Graduated from McGill University in 2010

Among Canada’s top universities, McGill is an attractive option for international students. When I went to McGill, I had friends from all over the world, including a few from Hong Kong. Located in Montreal, here are the reasons why McGill is a top choice for international students.

Academic excellence without a complicated admission process

Recognized globally as one of the world’s leading universities, McGill lives up to its reputation. It attracts international students thanks to its prestige, but also its simple admissions process.

The admissions team evaluates your application based on what’s required to get into university in your home country. If English isn’t your native tongue, then you'll need to take an English proficiency test. Finally, the application itself is simple, there aren’t any complicated essays for instance.

I’d recommend professional tutoring services to help you meet the school’s competitive entry requirements. Online English tutoring is also useful to master the English proficiency test. My friends took advantage of an online English tutoring platform and acquired academic tutoring services in Hong Kong, which as I discovered, are common when preparing to enter college.

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Diversity on campus in a lively Canadian metropolis

Given its painless admissions process, McGill’s student body is very culturally diverse. International students make up nearly 20% of the student body. As a result, there are numerous student-led cultural activities, associations, and events, open to everyone to join.

As an international student, it's comforting to know you’re not alone. The professional tutoring services in Hong Kong, my friends told me, emphasized how at McGIll you’d find many other students with similar backgrounds.

Moreover, living in Montreal allows you to experience one of Canada’s most multicultural cities in the French-speaking province of Quebec. The cultural exchange is what makes the city appealing to students looking to expand their horizons.

Finally, I know a lot of international students who attend college in North America have a dilemma. On the one hand, they want to experience the college culture, but on the other hand, they worry about living in a tiny university town. McGill is a fantastic option as it offers a beautiful campus set in downtown Montreal.

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Student support and available resources

Many international students have concerns about upholding their academic performance abroad. A university with ample resources is key to success, especially when you’re adjusting to a new country.

People take advantage of online tutoring services to help maintain their academic standing. My friends also relied on these online academic tutoring services in Hong Kong to get into McGill in the first place. Therefore, it was sensible to continue using these professional tutoring services based in Hong Kong after starting their college careers.

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