My Admission Experience into Harvard University


Crimson is the color and excellence is the watchword. Harvard is not just the oldest private ivy league research university in the world. It is also a combination of prestige and trove.

harvard college

I was privileged to stay in one of the three campuses at Harvard University. Cambridge campus specifically. The Allston campus has many athletic facilities and it also houses the Harvard Stadium and the Science and Engineering Complex. Longwood Campus houses the School of Public Health.

Everything, every facility, and every policy at Harvard University is aimed at making learning stress-free, fun, and effective. There was always an endowment income that was provided for students with financial needs with no loans. This enables even the most indigent students to gain admission into Harvard University and also have a smooth ride all through. Consequently, this makes it possible to enjoy a worry-free study.

Do you know that the world's largest academic library is situated at Harvard University? With over 20 million academic materials, further learning and study is made possible. Assignments, research, and project works are also enhanced.

I can boldly say that Harvard University has the strongest alumni body than any other university in the world. They include Nobel laureates, Members of the United States Congress, Field Medal Winners, MacArthur Fellow, Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, Past USA Presidents, and over two hundred billionaires. You can imagine the prestige of being an alumnus of Harvard University.

Numerous research opportunities are also made available to Harvard University undergraduates. Every student at Harvard University is opened to several opportunities of winning numerous awards such as the Academy Awards, Pulitzer Prize amongst others.

The dormitories at Harvard University campus are built such that dining halls and recreational facilities are made available for students' use, making learning and living conducive and fun. The dormitories at Harvard University accommodate students of different colors and races; Asian, African, Hispanic backgrounds amongst others. This consequently helps to build a superb social relationship among the students.

The health facilities and the security system at Harvard University is the best of no equal.

Out of the 50 undergraduate majors offered at Harvard University, I offered English Literature in the Faculty of Arts.

At Harvard University, I participated twice at the biennial track and field games in the International Amateur Competitions. It is a renowned competition in the world. I played against Harvard University's oldest athletic rivalry - Yale University. Unlike other private ivy league universities in the world, there are no athletic scholarships offered at Harvard University.

As an incoming student at Harvard University, the Advanced Program classes that I enrolled in were highly instrumental to my academic performance at Harvard University. I enrolled for an AP in English Literature and Composition. Apart from the fact it served as an introductory class to my Harvard courses, it also helped me academically immensely.

From the office of the Undergraduate Education, Harvard University appointed an Admission Counselor who helped me to scale the hurdles encountered in my admission process.

In your personal application essay, you must state every sentence with 100 percent precision and credibility. Straightforwardness is also very important. Every paragraph must showcase your true intentions and your purpose for seeking admission to Harvard University.