Practical Ways to Improve Your English


Learning a new language is hard. There are many nuances to a language that memorizing rules may not be able to teach you. In addition, there are more casual ways of speaking that rules certainly don’t teach you. Don’t worry though. In the article below, I will outline a few ways that you can improve your English outside of schooling and tutoring.

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The best way to improve speaking and listening skills is to find a native speaker who is willing to converse with you. Ask them to correct any mistakes you make in your speech so that next time, you will not make the same mistake again. The benefits of practicing with a native speaker is that you will learn the rhythm of normal speech. In addition, your ear will naturally begin to pick up on grammatical and syntactic patterns that will help you in the classroom setting.

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Another way to practice English is by watching TV or movies. This will allow you to hear the correct grammatical structures as they are actually used in everyday speech and will make it easier for you to hear your own mistakes whenever you are speaking. In addition, you can become culturally educated about what kind of media English speakers normally consume.
看電視, 電影學習英語也大有裨益。你可以了解準確的語法結構,因為這些在日常對話中隨處可見。在你說英語時,也更容易發覺自己所犯的錯誤。這也未嘗不是學習文化的好辦法,你可以了解到英語人士通常使用哪種媒介。

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Another fun way to practice English is by reading magazines and books. This method may feel passive but you are actually subconsciously picking up grammatical patterns in the text. This is particularly useful for whenever you take exams or write essays that may require English because written English is a bit more formal than spoken English. Good books to start with are ones you have read before in your original language so you already know the storyline.