Securing Admission Into Harvard -- The Importance of a Well-Constructed Personal Essay


Do you know that the rate of acceptance of Harvard admission has nosedived geometrically in recent years?

During my first trial of seeking admission at Harvard University, I was not sure whether my application would be considered even though my SAT score was excellent. Little did I know that my chance of being considered for admission was slim. The reason was obvious that my personal admission essay was not good enough.


Most likely because it was not personal enough. If you are an applicant seeking admission into Harvard University, to increase your chance of securing a seat at Harvard University, your personal admission essay must be outstanding enough to give you an edge. This is why the importance of an excellently constructed essay cannot be overemphasized.

Before sending your personal admission essay to the admission office at Harvard University, you must ensure that your written personal admission essay must be wholly premium in content.

To effectively write a compelling personal admission essay, an applicant must eliminate every unnecessary gibberish. It is more advisable to use the storytelling method. Your story does not have to be a Hollywood story. A simple and genuine story will do a great deal of work.

Whatever story you are writing about must be emotional enough to connect with your reader. The opening sentence and paragraph must be electrifying enough to hold the reader glue to the end. Your personal admission must carry an aroma of creativity.

You do not need to rumble words together. Straightforwardness is the key. You must also arrange every word and sentence to ensure coherence and linkage. You must also put into consideration and obey all grammatical rules.

You must also avoid the use of slang and cliches in your personal admission essay. You do not necessarily need to portray to your reader that you know everything. Say it as it is. Sometimes, your story may have a complicated ending, tempting you to make up an interesting end that is untrue. Resist the temptation to do so, as you may unknowingly be shooting yourself in the leg.

In your personal admission essay, ensure that precision is married with credibility. Every word and sentence used must be personal and original. Avoid plagiarism of any kind. This can be a huge turn-off in your personal admission essay.

The stories used must be able to unlock your intentions and purpose for seeking admission. Since the admission process at Harvard University is highly competitive, an in-depth, rich, and intellectual personal admission would give you an edge. You must strive to ensure that your personal admission essay is not watery. In other words, it must be well-detailed and meticulously written.

Your personal admission essay must showcase a passion and a purpose. Resist the temptation of making your personal admission essay to be intentionally poetic.

Most importantly, your personal admission essay must be about a significant change or improvement you hope to see in society. A change that you are passionate about. A change you can propel in society.