Ways To Subtly Integrate SAT Studying Into Your Schedule


As any high school student would know, the SAT is a stressful subject that is an essential component of any successful college application. Unless you opted for the ACT, a high SAT score is crucial into getting accepted into your dream school. It measures a students’ aptitude in a standardized way and it can either be to your detriment or to your advantage. Studying for the SAT does not have to be time-consuming nor stressful. Here are some ways I integrated SAT studying into my already hectic high school academic life.

SAT studying

Know Where You Stand

Taking a diagnostics test is important in helping you understand where you are and what you need to do to achieve your goals. This will also help you figure out which areas you need more work in, and what you need to focus on. Setting goals will allow you to have a concrete study plan as well.

Do A Practice Test A Day

Someone in my year got a perfect 2400, and when we asked her for tips and techniques to ace the SAT, she said that she did a couple of practice tests. It did not quite get me a perfect score, but I was able to break the 2000 mark.

Expand Your Vocabulary By Reading or Watching Documentaries

I started quite early in my freshman year as I did the PSAT. I would jot down words I did not know and I would look their meaning up in the dictionary. It was definitely a long-haul process but it eventually expanded my vocabulary, albeit slowly.

Memorize Formulas

Learn a formula a day. Memorizing formulas beforehand can help you save crucial time in answering Maths questions. However, it isn’t enough to just memorize the formulas, make sure that you know how to apply and use them.

Take A Break

Cramming the night before never works for me. I know you want to remember as much new words the night before, or learn more math formulas, but trust yourself and be confident. You already did the work, and you should give your brain a rest to make sure that you’re ready for the long SAT day ahead.

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