What you should Know About Harvard Undergraduate Scholarship


If Harvard University was free, even a beggar's child would wish to attend. So many students aspire to attend Harvard, but unfortunately, not all can attend. To make the Harvard dream possible for all, Harvard University offers fully-funded scholarships for undergraduate students as financial aids. Since the university prides itself as the home for all, it walks the talk by ensuring that all aspirants across the world are given an equal trial to attend.


This act of charity over time has made more beneficiaries of these undergraduate scholarships to become graduates of the university. For many indigent students across the globe who wish to study at Harvard, the Harvard Undergraduate Scholarship offers a huge opportunity.

However, to secure admission into Harvard via the undergraduate scholarship scheme, one must first have full knowledge of the requirements of the application. Harvard University admits about 22,000 students yearly; 6,700 undergraduates and 15,000 postgraduates. That means, 11 out of every 100 are undergraduates.

Securing admission into Harvard University is highly competitive and the acceptance rate is incredibly low. About 5.16% in 2018. In other words, about 5 out of every 100 applicants were admitted. This is why the need to meet all application requirements, both academic and financial is paramount.

At Harvard University, the tuition fee is overwhelmingly on the high side. It won't be any fallacy to say that it may be unaffordable for the low-income earners and even the middle class. Not including the fees, board, and accommodation, the tuition fee alone is about $45,000 yearly. Ugh!

You can now begin to picture why a fully funded scholarship at Harvard University will be of immense help. This alone is the chief reason for you to jump or grab the Harvard Undergraduate Scholarship. To a very large extent, the scholarship program helps to remove the humongous financial obstacles. By fully funded, I mean the Harvard Undergraduate Scholarship covers all the costs from the first to the last item on the list. Imagine a life where you are paying literally nothing to study at the University.

Mind you, students with an annual family income below $65,000 may qualify for a full scholarship. Depending on family income, others may qualify for 10 percent. Lesser or more. An applicant with an annual family income greater than $65,000 may be asked to pay just 10 percent of the total academic cost.

Are you a music enthusiast who wishes to pursue a music career professionally? Depending on your field of interest, The Berklee Scholarship is an $8,000 financial aid provided to qualified undergraduates of the Department of Music at Harvard University. Additionally, the Berklee Scholarship carries a bonus. A private music class for every beneficiary. Furthermore, you have a chance to attend and participate in the annual Berklee Summer Music Lesson. These packages are targeted at giving you the best music education you can ever have anywhere else in the world.

It takes tenacity and extra commitment to apply for the Harvard Undergraduate Scholarship. This is primarily because the process involves numerous steps and one with little or no commitment may give up too soon.

Interestingly, when it comes to Harvard Undergraduate Scholarship, there is no nepotism, religious biases, or preferential treatment of any form. Whether one is an international student or a domestic student, the scholarship benefits, and the application process the same.

There are different types of Harvard Undergraduate Scholarships namely; Boustany Foundation Scholarship, IGLP Residential Fellow Program, HGSE Financial Aid, and John H. Coatsworth Latin America History Fellowship, Michel David-Weill Scholarship. Another type of scholarship available at Harvard University is the need-based scholarship which allows students to get financial aid and renew it yearly.

To apply for the Harvard Undergraduate Scholarship, one will be required to provide some personal details including one's annual family income and net worth. This information will be closely scrutinized before one can be considered as one of the beneficiaries. Generally, as a rule of thumb, to be eligible for this scholarship, one must first be an undergraduate at Harvard University.