Why learn a programming language?

Programming allows for critical thinking and collaboration with other programmers around the world to learn better problem solving and to create new and interesting technology Learning one or more programming languages allows for creation of digital games, apps, and software that can be used for entertainment or to help humankind Technology is not going away and is continuously evolving, so by learning how to code, kids and adults can be at the apex of the future Many jobs are becoming automated by computer systems and robotics, which need people to write code in order to get those tasks done Programming careers are infused into everything from software engineering to professional sports to fashion, art, and music… most career paths have some kind of role that requires development through coding

Sample Programming Course :

Lessons 1-4:

Students will learn and discuss what coding or programming is, what the capabilities are with learning how to code, and an overview of the different types of programming languages that exist. By introducing programming first through block-type, students will understand inputs, outputs, variables, and the process that happens during programming. This is a great visual to have learners understand iteration and how code works.

Lessons 5-8:

Students will further their coding skills by creating basic programs and customizing them so they are engaged and invested in the learning process. Students will utilize their skills by sharing their code, interacting and mixing others’ creations. This sharing of projects allows for authentic learning, engagement, partnerships, and problem solving


Lessons 9-12:

Students will get started with the Python programming language and complete basic activities to familiarize themselves with the code editor and syntax. Students will further their knowledge and practice of Python and learn features in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and learn and master for/while loops, variables, and data types.

Our Computer Science Teacher

Ms. Deanna is an experienced math, English, and computer science tutor with a Masters in Computing in Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College. Ms. Deanna’s currently teaches technology in New Jersey, and is creating curricula cente...


  • Masters in Computer Science at Columbia University


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