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Why learn Spanish?

  • 450+ million people speak Spanish, the second most commonly spoken language worldwide after Chinese.
  • Spanish is the official language of 21 countries, including nations in Central & South America, Europe, and Africa.
  • Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language, so speaking it along with English & Chinese gives you the ability to do business almost anywhere in the world.
  • Have a unique advantage in the United States to access the Latino market by learning Spanish; the USA is home to over 40 million Spanish speakers.
  • Spanish is one of five romance languages, with linguistic similarities, learning another language like French or Portuguese will be easier.
  • Learn about Latin culture and gain a new perspective of the world and life.
  • Enjoy the Latin world’s diverse musical and theatrical entertainment industry, with top-selling movies and music from across the Hispanic world.

How might students progress from A1 to C1 level?

Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), Helppo expects students would advance in the following way with a professional Spanish language tutor (on average, every student's needs are different):

  • A1-A2: 40 hours of private classes.
  • B1-B2: 60 hours of private classes.
  • C1 and beyond: 20+ hours of private classes.

For Intermediate level students and beyond

If a student has already been learning Spanish, our experienced tutors will evaluate their skills and determine at what level to review and advance. Lessons will include a mix of grammar, key phrases & vocabulary, reading & writing, and conversation practice.

Students at Helppo can benefit from practicing their Spanish skills with bilingual tutors (English & Spanish) based in Latin America or Spain. Elementary & high school students can also get support with their Spanish homework and our teachers can adapt their curriculum to meet the student’s academic needs.

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Our Spanish Course

Start with A1-level basics or have one of our professional tutors evaluate your skills and pick up where you left off.

Here is a sample of what an introductory A1 level course might cover (10-12 hours):

Lessons 1-4:
Get introduced to the Spanish language and make basic conversation. You will learn some fundamentals, such as the Spanish alphabet, pronunciation, and accent marks. You will use simple greetings and how to talk about the weather. You will also learn the verb SER (to be) to ask for someone’s name and where they’re from, and to state your name and nationality.

Lessons 5-8:
Learn important grammatical fundamentals and expand vocabulary. You will learn about the gender and plural of nouns, and how to use definite and indefinite articles. You will be able to give and ask for a phone number, email, as well as spell your name and use adjectives to make descriptions with the verb SER. You will be able to also talk about professions.

Lessons 9-12:
Learn the basics of verb conjugation and broaden your ability to create sentences. You will learn the subject pronouns, how to conjugate regular verbs, and become comfortable using three to five regular verbs in short sentences. You will learn an irregular verb, ESTAR, and how to use it to express feelings, as well as how it contrasts to SER.

The above is a sample introductory A1-level course. As you progress, your experienced Helppo Spanish tutor will continue to help you develop your language skills, and you can plan with them on how to best serve your Spanish language needs.

Our Spanish Teacher

Alexandra’s passion for teaching began when she moved abroad to the Central American country of Nicaragua to undertake an internship at a non-profit Spanish school. After having graduated with a degree in International Development Studies from M...


  • Bachelors in International Development Studies at McGill University


  • Spanish intermediate oral & written communication
  • Essay writing
  • $0.90 (7.00 HKD)/min
  • $45.00 (350.10 HKD)/hr

How to Schedule a Session With Us


Take a Free 30 Minute Helppo Trial Lesson with one of our Awesome Helppo Tutors! What do you need to do?

  1. Click the Green WhatsApp Button
  2. Send a Message to Our Friendly Helppo Customer Service Representative. Our Customer Service Team is Online 24 hours/ 6 Days a Week (Sundays Off).
  3. Choose Up to 5 Available Time Slots for your Free Helppo Trial with your Time Zone Details.

Helppo technical demos are mandatory to ensure students have access to up-to-date equipment.

  1. Having access to a quick internet in order to provide you with a seamless learning experience. If you would like to have a free trial lesson with us, before your free trial lesson, we would like to set up a time for a demo. These Helppo technical demos are mandatory to ensure students have access to up-to-date equipment, quick internet in order to provide you with a seamless learning experience.
  2. Helppo Tutors are required to have access to quick and reliable internet, and professional studio quality equipment.. Therefore the Helppo team rarely experiences technical problems from the tutor's side. However, if we do, our kind Helppo tutors will be more than happy to make up the time for you.
  3. Even though the Helppo team tries to be as accommodating as possible, If students are not able to provide a list of times for a technical demo in a timely manner, or do not show up for their technical demo, students will forfeit their rights to have a Free 30 min Helppo trial lesson. In such cases, you may take a trial lesson at a 30% discount as listed on Helppo’s tutors’ profiles.

Our Helppo Technical Support Team

  1. Our Helppo technical support team is always online 10 mins before your scheduled Free Helppo 30 mins Trial Lesson in order to help you.
  2. During the lesson, our Helppo technical support team can be reached by telephone or by What's app .852 6316 8669.
  3. If you are late or do not come to your free Helppo trial lesson, we may or may not be able to make up the Free 30 mins Helppo trial lesson.
  4. On the other hand, if our Helppo tutors are running late, or experiencing technical difficulties they will still teach you for the full 30 minutes. Should this not be convenient, Our Helppo customer service team will reschedule your free 30 minute Helppo trial lesson as soon as possible.
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