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If you are not familiar with the exam syllabus, you can also refer to the following IELTS Training suggestions:

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    Unit 1: Conversation and Speaking Exam Practice

    Our experts will help you improve your skills for the IELTS speaking exam by conversing with you on different subjects to assess your abilities. They will not only correct you while speaking, but also offer advice on how to approach the speaking exam topics. You will also have the chance to do mock speaking exams with our tutors to ensure you are prepared for the test.

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    Unit 2: Writing Practice-Task 2 Application Questions

    You should complete the 40-minute essay writing question by yourself before class, and then email it to the dedicated Helppo IELTS tutor. After the answers are corrected, they will be analyzed in detail in the next class to explain various writing skills to improve your score.

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    Unit 3: Writing Exercises-Task 1 Chart Exposition

    You should complete the 20-minute chart explanatory questions before class, and then email them to the dedicated Helppo IELTS tutor. After the answers are corrected, they will be analyzed in detail in the third class, and you will discuss with your tutor how to recognize trends and make accurate descriptions according to the writing task 1 prompt provided.

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    Unit 4: Reading IELTS Preparation

    Many candidates fail to complete the IELTS reading section because they did not spend enough time preparing. IELTS tutors will help you analyze sample reading passages and you’ll work through the different question styles (true/false/not given, matching header question, etc.) with your tutor. They can also provide important tips and advice on how to get a high score on this section.

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    Unit 5: Learn listening skills

    For the IELTS listening exam, Helppo tutors will prepare you by using sample prompts and questions to assess your abilities and practice for the exam. They will also point out potential traps and tricks to ensure you do not get fooled and get a high score.

The above are just some of the class ideas, you can plan the learning content and mode by yourself, follow Helppo IELTS Experts on the road to success!

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Online Text Editor
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How to Improve Your IELTS

According to a Cambridge Assessment study, it takes over 200 hours of studying to improve your English by one level. In the case of higher IELTS bands, it can take over 1,000 hours of learning. As busy professionals, we lack the time for this kind of dedicated study in our busy lives. While our availability and natural language-learning talent varies from person to person, there are techniques to improve your IELTS writing skills while also sustaining your commitments to other responsibilities. This article will explain how to target your weakest areas, thus helping you prepare for the IELTS essay writing sections without derailing your life.

Whether you are taking the General or Academic IELTS, the first writing task is 150 words long, while the second task is 250 words. The key to enhance your score is to make your written English sound natural to a native speaker. While it is essential to spell words correctly as part of this, you should also use an assorted vocabulary to improve your IELTS writing score.

English has over a million words. While most English conversations use around 5,000 words, the average English speaker knows about 20,000 words, and a university-educated English speaker knows closer to 40,000. To convince IELTS examiners that you are excellent at English, you must diversify your vocabulary.


There are two straightforward ways to improve your vocabulary. The first is to read challenging material every day. If you are studying for the Academic IELTS, consider reading The Economist, whereas The New York Times or The Daily Telegraph are better for the General IELTS. When you do so, write down every unknown word you encounter. Once you reach 15 or 20 words, look each of them up in a dictionary and write the definitions down. If you prioritize reading material similar to what is likely to appear on your IELTS writing test, this focused studying can improve your score faster than haphazardly learning words.

The second way to directly improve your vocabulary is to use words you already know. For example, the IELTS Academic Writing section focuses on interpreting scientific data. Since you know this is the case, consider using a thesaurus to look up words like chart and table. You will discover more complex alternatives such as delineate, characterize, depict, and portray. Using words like these on your test will help you rapidly improve your writing score without needing to learn 40,000 new words.

Whichever method you use to compile a list of new words, be sure to review it regularly. You need to know the definitions of the words and how to spell them correctly, and the best way to accomplish that is by using them in sentences until you’re completely comfortable with each one.

At this stage, it can be highly beneficial to have someone else check the sentences you’re writing, as you want them to be smooth and sound natural. Ideally, this means finding a native English speaker to read them and give you feedback. Helppo is the ideal place to find this type of help, as it has multiple advanced IELTS tutors who graduated from prestigious universities.

You can meet with them at your convenience, enabling your studying to fit into your busy schedule. A few of our tutors are available from 7 pm to 2 am in Hong Kong China time every Monday to Friday. They can also walk you through IELTS writing exercises and craft lessons specifically designed for you. Whenever you need a little guidance to get you to your goal of a perfect IELTS writing score, book your first appointment for free by clicking below on one of Helppo’s affordable, accomodating tutors.

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Our IELTS Tutors

Alex graduated from Columbia University in 2016 with a dual-degree MBA from Columbia Business School, where he made the Dean's List, and Master of Education from Teachers College, where he specialized in Private School Leadership at the world-re...


  • Masters in Education Specialist at Columbia University


  • SAT Mathematics
  • SAT Writing
  • $1.80 (14.00 HKD)/min
  • $90.00 (700.20 HKD)/hr

Alexandra’s passion for teaching began when she moved abroad to the Central American country of Nicaragua to undertake an internship at a non-profit Spanish school. After having graduated with a degree in International Development Studies from M...


  • Bachelors in International Development Studies at McGill University


  • Spanish intermediate oral & written communication
  • Essay writing
  • $0.90 (7.00 HKD)/min
  • $45.00 (350.10 HKD)/hr
Online Quiz

1. My favorite subject in school is History, which I ............................ since I was young.

  • Have studied
  • Studied
  • Study
  • Had studied

2. The email sent out to the staff said that we ............................. a staff meeting tomorrow.

  • Will have
  • Are having
  • To have
  • Had

3. My favorite breakfast is eggs with toast which I eat every morning ............................ However, other people prefer lighter breakfasts like fruit.

  • Period
  • Comma
  • Semicolon
  • Underscore

4. If the weather is good this weekend, we .............................. to the beach.

  • Go
  • Will go
  • Are going
  • Went

5. Is there something that I .............................. do for you?

  • May
  • can
  • Will
  • To

6. Because of my busy job as a manager, I have so many job applications to read and .............................. time than before to do so.

  • More and more
  • More and less
  • Less and less
  • Less and more

7. The biggest ............................... of climate change is that the sea levels are rising, causing many animal species to be endangered or extinct.

  • Effect
  • Affect
  • Effects
  • Affects

8. After the volleyball game, the team banner ............................... on the floor of the gymnasium.

  • Laid
  • Layed
  • Lay
  • Lays

9. The ........................... basketball team is the best in the nation.

  • Girl
  • Girl’s
  • Girls
  • Girls’

10. On my difficult homework assignments, I often have to look up the answer to ................. history question once ............... hour.

  • An, an
  • A, an
  • An, a
  • A, a
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