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Reasonable Rates, No Hidden Fees, Pay As You Go.

Today, a solid grasp of English can be the catalyst for growth in your career. Whether you are a student working and studying abroad or a professional striving to remain competitive, English is a crucial skill to have. If you intend to move abroad, passing exams like the TOEIC or IELTS is key.

To meet various academic needs, there are a mind-numbing variety of English courses on the market, each with distinct fees, tutors, and teaching styles. If you want to find a great-value, authentic, professional, and flexible English course, look no further than Helppo! We offer great value for our services by offering pay-as-you-go options and a variety of tutors, each with transparent, up-front costs. Helppo It can be solved with one click.


No Membership Fees, Simple and Convenient Scheduling!

Before registration, first-time users can enjoy a 30-minute free trial class and experience the one-to-one, personalized, online learning experience of Helppo.After the free trial class is over, students can choose whether to enroll or not. Scheduling is easy! Just contact via WhatsApp , and our team will schedule a free class for you!:

How to Book your Free Trial Lesson

  • Press the green button on Helppo’s main page to connect to WhatsApp Chat
  • Send us a message over WhatsApp with your desired subject, level, and date/time and we will arrange your 30 minute trial lesson.
  • After the trial class is over, students are free to decide whether to pay to continue taking classes in the future.

Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees, Discounts for Multiple Courses.

Our flexible payment model makes it easy to take classes. Class fees are collected on time, students can choose to pay as they go, and the price is settled according to the number of class hours. We even have a timer that tracks class time by the minute! Before the first class, a Helppo staff member will show you how to use the platform and check the computer and network speed to ensure the class runs smoothly.

In addition to paying for individual pay as you go classes, students can also book courses in packages and enjoy a 10% discount when registering for 10 classes or more. If you choose to take multiple courses at once you can benefit from Helppo’s installment payment model. Students only need to pay a 30% deposit in advance, pay 40% of the tuition during the course, and pay the remaining 30% after the course is completed.

Reasonably Priced Professional Tutoring

Our tutors are from all over the world, including the UK, the United States, Canada and other places, providing the most authentic English education to local students through the Internet. Our tutors boast a variety of different specialties, some of them come from world-renowned top universities, such as Harvard, Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Our tutors provide a high quality educational experience at a reasonable price. Compared to tutors with the same qualifications in Hong Kong, Helppo saves on high rent and intermediary fees, making us 30%-40% cheaper than our competitors. For an affordable price, you can enjoy a world-class learning experience at home. You can also enjoy a variety of learning packages, including practice materials written by our professional team, to continue your learning outside of class.