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Robert Fe. (Free 5 minutes Trial)
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Bachelors in History at Stanford University
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(UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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Subject Skills
ACT- English
2.00 USD (15.56 HKD)/min
SAT Mathematics
2.00 USD (15.56 HKD)/min
ACT- Reading
2.00 USD (15.56 HKD)/min
SAT Writing
2.00 USD (15.56 HKD)/min
English , Essay writing
2.00 USD (15.56 HKD)/min
English , Oral English Communication
2.00 USD (15.56 HKD)/min
History , US History
2.00 USD (15.56 HKD)/min
About Robert
Hello Students! My name is Robert. I am a College entrance specialist with an exceptional track record of helping students achieve higher grades and test scores in order to gain acceptance to their target college. I love to empower students to achieve their academic and life goals by building self-esteem, creating and reinforcing a strong work ethic, and encouraging critical thinking.
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Jamie Coleman
Received excellent tactics with SAT reading and writing session. Internet connection was reliable.
Pak Yin Chan
I am a high school Math teacher and one of my student needed grammar help before his English exam, Robert was able to build the student's confident up and review all of the important grammar rules before the student's exam. Looking forward to work with him again!
Jacky Hart
Had a pretty difficult SAT Math question, was struggling with it for an hour, Robert solved the question in 10 mins and explained it to me very well. Next time I know where I can look for help!
Michelle Cheung
My son needed some help for College admission and how to write a strong personal essay. great advice from Robert!
Candice Woodyard
Struggled with a Math question for hours and Robert solved and explained it to me in 20 mins!
Jason Lee
I am a student taking the SAT and the HKDSE exam, in the SAT math sections the questions being asked have very difficult style and American English is slightly different compare with the English being taught in Hong Kong. Got a couple of SAT Math question I was not able to figure out however Robert was very patience with me and solved the difficult problem with in 10 mins. I think this website has a lot of potential but the words and fonts are difficult to read at times.

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