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Masters in Computer Science at Columbia University
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Computer Science , Please select a subfield
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About Deahna
Ms. Deanna is an experienced math, English, and computer science tutor with a Masters in Computing in Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College. Ms. Deanna’s currently teaches technology in New Jersey, and is creating curricula centered around personalized learning while incorporating STEAM based activities. She recently co-designed the new STEAM Lab, which provides a collaborative environment for students and teachers to learn, work, and explore. Ms. Deanna is thrilled to be joining the online learning environment at Helppo to support students with their tutoring needs.
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Y Wong
Great attitude and used real life scenarios to explain all the processes which made it easier to learn
Lok Yin Chan
she is excellent. she made a difficult topic easier to understand. she is very willing to answer questions.
Patrick Cheung
Deahna is a great teacher. her teaching style is clear, concise and very easy to follow and understand.
Sonia Cheung
You did a great job. You explained everything out until everyone understood. You didn't rush through the workshop. Thank you.