Securing Admission into Harvard University: The Important Roles of an Admission Consultant


If you know where you are going, your journey is short. If you know how to get there, your journey is shorter. If you have someone who has been there to teach you how to get there, your journey is shortest. If that person decides to take you there, you are already there! That is what my admission application to Harvard University with the help of an admission consultant was all about. An admission consultant is nothing less of a mentor and a guide.


Although Harvard University allows applicants to engage the services of a private admission consultant to help navigate the hurdles that an applicant may encounter, it also provides free consultancy services to applicants who need the help of an admission counselor. This way, I never had to hire any private admission consultant, I used the services of an admission counselor allocated to me by the Harvard University Office of Continuing Education.

Different strokes for different folks is the best way to describe an admission experience into any prestigious private ivy league research university like Harvard University. This is why the need for an admission consultant or university admission counselor cannot be overemphasized.

The chief reason is that they are recognized staff and alumni of the university who have first-hand information and requirements for successfully securing admission at the University. They know the preferred personal essay type that the school may consider.

They also know the dos and don’ts in the admission process. Interestingly, some of them have served in the admission committee of Harvard University where the decision is debated and taken irreversibly.

This extensive experience alone makes them most suitable in increasing your chance of being admitted to Harvard University. Therefore, a journey to Harvard without an admission consultant or the university admission counselor may do any applicant more harm than good.

Harvard University makes pre-admission advising available for registered applicants. These applicants can either schedule an individual appointment, join other applicants in the virtual advising office, or watch well-detailed instructional videos to learn more about the admission process. A university web link is available for interested applicants to sign up and log in to book an appointment (For the virtual office counseling, no appointment is required).

Montello Cindra was my admission counselor who held my hand and guided me step-by-step even till my first year at the Cambridge campus of Harvard University.

Seeking admission to Harvard University can be wholly draining if you want to use the do-it-yourself approach. On several occasions, you will come to a point of Achilles due to your inability to fully grasp or understand some vital details that may have been woven with technical terms and terminologies. Montello – my personal admission counselor provided me with accurate and sufficient information and counseling all through the seemingly hectic admission process.

She had direct access to my phone numbers. And she spoke to me virtually every week. She sent me emails simultaneously, sharing detailed-knowledge and advice at every stage during the admission process. During the different phases of the interviews, she encouraged me to be calm, genuine, and original. She never hesitated to discuss extensively the financial aid packages that are available at University, should in case I need any.

My admission counselor also worked hand-in-hand with the faculty secretary to ensure that all the documents were complete, accurate, doubly cross-checked and closely followed up. This way, she gave me all the necessary feedback that I may need concerning the admission process.

She did not only proofread and edit my personal admission essay; she also took her time to critically analyze my strength and weakness to ascertain whether or not I correctly chose the most appropriate course of study for myself.

I was super excited when I finally secured my admission to Harvard University with accurate and sufficient information and counseling all through the seemingly hectic admission process.